Eligibility Criteria​

In order to protect the public from unsafe practice, TNPAP has established criteria for practitioners interested in services.
You Must:

  • Be actively seeking, or trying to obtain new licensure, or eligibility to continue holding an active healthcare provider license (this does not apply to out-of-state applicants)​
  • Be willing to refrain from practicing until a return to practice authorization is obtained from TNPAP​
  • Voluntarily request, in writing, a Request for TNPAP Services Form
  • Be an individual whose employer or whose licensure board has directed him/her to participate in TNPAP
  • Be an individual who is willing to inform any university/college that (s)he is in the process of TNPAP enrollment (if applicable)
  • Timely complete authorization for exchange of information (aka Release of Information) forms as instructed by TNPAP, including but may not be limited to: Employer (current or most recent) and TN Department of Health

Steps in the Enrollment Process

Click here to print out list of steps.

A healthcare practitioner wishing to utilize TNPAP services must agree to comply with all requests and recommendations made during the enrollment process. PLEASE NOTE: Have a minimum of $800 available before submitting the request for services to cover preliminary costs. 

Steps include, but may not be limited to:

Step 1

Voluntarily refrain from practice until a safety to return to practice recommendation has been approved by TNPAP.

Step 2
Complete and submit

Step 3

Complete and submit the following release of information forms.

Step 4

Expect a phone call within 2 business days from a TNPAP representative who will provide you with information on steps to schedule an evaluation. You must use an evaluator that is approved by TNPAP.

Step 5

Schedule an evaluation and immediately notify TNPAP of the evaluation appointment date and time. Failure to do so may result in the file being closed.

Step 6

Complete and submit the following release of information form for evaluator noted in step 5.

Step 7

Once the evaluation recommendation report is received by TNPAP, a letter will be prepared and mailed to you outlining the recommendations, if any.

Step 8

Follow all evaluation recommendations, treatment recommendations, neuropsychological testing, medical evaluations, pain management and assessments, etc.

*Please note cost of evaluations, treatment recommendations, neuropsychological testing, medical evaluations, pain management and assessments is the responsibility of the participant*

Steps in Basic TNPAP Services:

  • Initial contact with TNPAP representative
  • Evaluation/assessment by TNPAP-approved healthcare provider
  • Evaluator provides TNPAP with recommended treatment plan
  • If appropriate, TNPAP refers and/or assists participant in selecting appropriate treatment center
  • TNPAP provides support throughout the period of treatment
  • Treatment facility staff develop aftercare plan
  • Participant must be deemed safe to return to work as a practitioner by treatment facility, evaluator and TNPAP
  • On average, participant is monitored three to five years


  • Provide support and close monitoring of professionals who are unsafe, or potentially unsafe, to practice due to a physical, mental, behavioral, or chemical impairment
  • Facilitate early intervention, thereby decreasing the time between the professional’s acknowledgement of the problem and his/her entry into a recovery process
  • Provide a program for affected professionals to be rehabilitated in a therapeutic, non-punitive and non-public process
  • Develop a statewide resource network for referral of impaired professionals to appropriate services
  • Provide outreach and education to healthcare facilities, professional organizations, and healthcare professional schools throughout the state of Tennessee to promote understanding of chemical impairment and the recovery process